Breaking into work, one door at a time...

Posted on Jun 11, 2022

So, let me preface this with:

I’m generally responsible for the Information Security at where I work. There are others on my team, but, I’m very fortunate that I have bosses that (generally) support what I do and give me wide latitude to do what’s needed to get things done.

I stopped by Denver a few weeks ago to spend some time with some coworkers that I’ve wanted to meet. As part of the process, he mentions to me, “We’ll have to meet on the 5th floor; I don’t have my keycard to get Into my office (on a different floor) and I don’t want to bug the community staff to let me in”

If you know me, you already know what’s happened. We got to the restricted floor that his office was on, and then due to gaps In the door that were literally a half an Inch wide, I was able to use my multi-tool to bypass the deadlatch on the door to get In.

Oh well. Just another day In the life of the nerd.