Cincinnati We Barely Knew Each Other

Posted on Dec 8, 2023

I spent the week in my Cincinnati Office. It’s perfect when I want to do things like reverse engineering or work on building random electronic projects that I might have going on in my life. In this particular case, I just wanted to spend some time working on my larger screens and get some of my random work projects cleaned up.

When I travel, I generally use my iPad as a second monitor, but, I’ve noticed in the aggressive RF environments (like hotels), my ipad has a tendency to lose its mind, freezing the display, and then I have to wait for everything to time out before I have to disconnect everything and reconnect it again. In my office, I have dual 34" curved monitors which give me…a LOT of screen space.

I had fun in Cincinnati this week. There are things I miss about Cincinnati – mainly the food and the craft brewing scene – but, I don’t always miss the people here.

Until next time, Cincinnati…