OpenAI and AImageddon

Posted on Nov 21, 2023

Well, if you haven’t heard, there’s some drama afoot in the world of AI.

I don’t think I could effectively re-hash what’s going on here, but, from a security engineering point of view, AI/AGI is so new that there’s still a really untapped world of vulnerabilities that is out there to explore. Can you trust your company’s data with a vendor (OpenAI, in this case) who had a 95% staff turnover rate? Do you think that a new team of engineers could promptly resolve and mitigate any vulnerabilities that could spring up in the next few years (because if some Investment firm gobbles it up in its present state, they’re probably going to put the tech on cruise control and let the software stagnate until it loses all velocity and basically becomes another piece of ghost SaaS that is out there)?

It’s also a little hard for me to say that the Microsoft of today is not the same Microsoft of 20 years ago that I …basically despised. I think that AGI is still fairly new to the point where we can all say that who knows what is possible with it: I know that it’s really beyond the comprehension that I can think of, but, Microsoft has a true “Heads, I win, Tails you lose.” spot at the table right now with OpenAI. They can basically hire 95% of the company to come work in their yet-to-be-named Microsoft subsidiary that’s focused on AI (basically acquiring OpenAI without regulatory approval), or, they can continue to tool and be the prominent partner for OpenAI should Altman return back to the company. Microsoft has already heavily invested with AI: Copilot (Azure/Studio/Service), Maia chips, the indemnification from corporate customers who use MS’s AI systems from copyright claims.

I can honestly say that this is the first ever employee ‘revolt’ that I’ve seen that actually has teeth.

If Silicon Valley were still around, this would literally be a season on its own. Not even Gabin Belson could conjure up such a riveting storyline…