Rest in peace, Starbuck. You will be missed.

Posted on May 16, 2020

I’m really struggling right now – between the countless nights we spent at the hive, to the time where we almost got arrested in Kenwood, to the stag campsite at Burning Man, you were someone who always lived his own way.

Propane powered drums that shoot fireballs when actuated? Yup, you were the crazy motherfucker who used sprinkler valves to do it (Safety Third, of course, was the hive’s true model back then). I’d make dinner at the hive and then we’d spend a few hours working on your smart light sticks. Hell, I remember the reel of addressable LED’s you and Bells took to Burning Man in ‘11 so that your bikes wouldn’t be darkwads.

One of the last posts on your reddit account was you buying a fucking towtruck. Seriously. A fucking towtruck. Why on earth you’d want to leave a cushy consulting gig and tow cars for a living is beyond me…but, that was you…and that was fine.

So many meals at Camp Washington Chili. Meeting your seamstress ex-girlfriend with the husband and a boyfriend. That fucking truck. Needing at DOT number so that you weren’t killed in the Indiana Gas Tax.

You were one of a kind, and this world will never be the same without you.

RIP, Matthew “Starbuck” Sprinsky. May your LED’s and your accelerometers always burn bright, my friend. We will miss you. I will miss you.